Sunday, 2 September 2012

Weekly Summary #29

Outfit, Arthur, Henry Snuggles,
Cheeky Arthur, Jam tart, Reece was a cute child,
Treated us to pizza and chips, To-do listing my life away, Closer,
Starey dog, Aesthetic arrived! - post to come, Bagged a boyfriend,
Hangover train to Manc, Red velvet hangover cure, Crossroads is still an ace film,
More red velvet, Poached eggs love, Fall Out Boy = car soundtrack

  1. An eventful and busy week! I am blogging to you from my bedroom in Manchester. I moved the rest of my stuff in tonight! I'm so happy to be back, it truly feels like home here!
  2. As you can see, I am not longer a single lady (sorry Beyonce). I'm extremely happy and completely smitten. It is a bit rubbish that I will now be in Manchester most of the time, whilst Reece in back in Yorkshire, but he's coming to stay in just over a week, so all is not lost!
  3. I start work experience tomorrow! I will be working at an independent book publishers situated in the Northern Quarter, I went for a wander to find it the other day, and it is situated almost directly behind my favourite cafe (which happens to sell that red velvet cake - oh dear) so I predict I shall be getting a bit tubbier! I cannot wait to start and see what this new experience brings; I have been continuously emailing the lovely people who work there and they have been extremely accommodating - I can't wait!
  4. One downside is my laptop is breaking; the charger connection is a bit loose, and I have to take my laptop to work experience so it may all go a bit Only Fools and Horses. I think I'll take it home with me and try to get it fixed as soon as possible!
  5. Aesthetic Magazine arrived! I am so impressed with the final product, Michelle and all the other contributors have worked incredibly hard and it shows. It is a tremendous little magazine and I am ridiculously proud to have been able to contribute. I adore the way my article turned out, (I wrote the book review, if any of you ladies have read it).
So there we go, a very busy week indeed. I think I may have my blogging mojo back - I have ideas for a couple of posts; there will definitely be a few work experience posts, and a full post dedicated to Aesthetic.

I hope all of your weeks have been equally as lovely as mine,

Talk soon and thank you for reading x


  1. Congrats in getting a boyfriend and also looks like you'd had a lovely week! :) All of the food looks amazing xo

    1. thank you miss :) he's a keeper I think! It was delicious! xx


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